Actually, for quite some time now, the husband and I have been planning on getting another vehicle. Online, we have been looking at some dealerships that have great promos and offers and we are just waiting, really, for the right timing and the perfect deal that we can take advantage of. When I checked out Kayser Nissan in Madison, I got hooked to the Nisan Quest minivan as it perfectly has all that I want for in a minivan. It spells room for a traveling family and comfort while riding even on long road trips. Aside from that, I also am a fan of Nissan cars. My older sister’s family in Japan has one for their family vehicle.

Choosing between a car, an SUV, or a minivan for your next vehicle purchase, when your considerations include your family, you always look for one that can give you the comfort, the room, and the better mileage for your family vehicle, do you not? At least that’s what I have in mind as I think of my own family.

For now though, our Dodge Grand Caravan is still serving us well. We have had this for two years now and so far, there was not an issue at all. Of course, I got to take credit to how well we take good care of it, especially the husband. He does everything in making sure that it is well-checked especially when we plan for a long road trip. I only do the driving but and I am thankful that whenever I sit on the driver’s seat, I need not worry of current state of the vehicle’s engine as I am assured that it has been made sure that is is in great running condition.

Having said that, the husband and I have planned on getting a second car but this time, it need not be a minivan but just a regular compact car. The Nissan Altima is one of our top considerations. Better gas mileage is our number one reason because it will be the husband’s use for his daily commute to work. Driving the minivan daily is not so wise when you look at the gas expenses it can incur as we all know that minivans have low mileage, especially on city roads. So the Altima will really be a great choice. Besides, it is also large, so a family of four or five can still take it to a desired destination during travels.

The only thing that stops us right now from getting the Altima as our second family car is budget. Thus, any deals or promos from auto dealerships than can give us extra discount on our next car purchase will really be a good thing. We also consider one of those pre-owned vehicles so it’s not really hard to choose which one it will be as long as the budget is agreed on. We will see if Kayser Nissan in Madison, WI have the right deal for us!