IT is one of the most attractive areas. Many are attracted by high salaries, others are looking for a free schedule and remote work, and others need stability and demand at any time.

Our team analyzed the field and found out which IT professions will be relevant in 2023.
Let’s get started!
A little bit about the IT trends of the outgoing year
Before talking about promising vacancies, it’s worth taking a look at the industry trends. They will tell you which way to develop, which skills should be mastered and show what will be relevant in the coming years.
The first trend is mobile apps and everything related to them. The application market is growing – they have already found wide application in online commerce, business and even in arbitration.
This trend will grow – the audience is not going to abandon applications, which means that they will need to be improved, supported and created new ones.
The second trend is neural networks. Neural networks are one of the most hyped topics in IT in recent years. The audience is attracted by the opportunity to “play” with artificial intelligence, and the business is attracted by the opportunity to automate processes and entrust routine work to neural networks.
For sure, this trend will continue in the future – which means that companies will need developers who know how to work with neural networks.
The third trend is chatbots. Chatbots are not a new technology, but it is increasingly being used. They are used to communicate with leads and customers, to create stores, to answer frequently asked questions, and for many other tasks.
The popularity of messengers is growing – which means that chatbots will become even more popular in the future.
Also, we have identified several more global trends in the IT field – they perfectly show what you should pay attention to when working with code:
Reliability. Data protection and stable operation are what users value. Data leakage, the presence of “holes” in security, errors and friezes are a great danger for projects, and therefore it is worth paying key attention to the reliability of the code;
Optimization. Businesses are opening up new regions – and many of them will face weak Internet. In addition, the speed of work always greatly affects the impression of users, and therefore the code should be light and optimized;
New features. The fresher and more exclusive the solutions are, the more they attract businesses and users. Neural networks, chatbots, augmented or virtual reality are hype topics, and companies will continue to look for their use.
Otherwise, the IT sphere is developing and looking for fresh minds, as always.
About what kind of minds will be needed in 2023 – in the next section!
Which IT professions will be in demand?
In this section we have collected professions that will be relevant in 2023.
Disclaimer: IT is a dynamic niche, the situation in which can change at any moment. For example, because of the coronavirus, video calling applications and remote work technologies have become in demand.
By this we want to say that it is worth keeping an eye on the market – no one knows exactly how the demand may change.
Python Developer
Python is one of the most popular, in–demand, and at the same time simple programming languages. You can perform almost any task on it – from writing scripts to complex programs.
Python is simple and clear – even those who have never done programming will be able to master the language and get the first results.
Python developers solve a wide range of tasks, for example:
Creating and maintaining applications;
Chatbot development;
Preparing scripts;
Creation of neural networks and other solutions based on artificial intelligence;
Data processing.
And many other tasks – Python is almost universal. The only weak point of the language is visual interfaces and Frontend development.
Knowledge of Python. Of course, you need to know the language – master the syntax and learn how to work with libraries;
Git. This is a system that allows you to store data and manage project versions;
Frameworks. Flask, Django or FastAPI are the most popular frameworks, knowledge of which is required by most employers.
Remember that the list of skills and requirements depends on the specific vacancy.
Also, the chances of employment can be increased with the help of Soft Skills.
That’s what employers pay attention to:
Responsibility. A basic quality that is loved in any company;
Teamwork. Developers need to be able to share experiences, solve complex tasks together and call up team members. Social skills and the ability to work in a team will definitely be a plus;
Development culture. Clean and understandable error-free code is easier to read, edit and supplement. Learn to write correctly – the employer will like it;
Experience. Where without it 🙂
Mobile Developers
We have already mentioned apps – this is a clear trend that will gain momentum.
Of course, mobile developers will also be in demand.
In fact, mobile developers are not limited to applications for smartphones and tablets – they create software for other devices, for example:
Smart watches;
Fitness Trackers;
…and for any other equipment that people carry with them or on themselves.
Otherwise, developers create applications, depending on the customer’s requirements. These can be simple utilities, games, Webview applications for arbitration, stores and many other formats.
Programming languages. For Android development – Kotlin, for iOS – Swift;
Knowledge of the development environment. You need to master the development environment – for Android it is Android Studio, and for iOS it is XCode or AppCode. Please note that you will need a Mac or emulators to work with iOS;
Development standards. It is important to familiarize yourself with the development standards from Apple and Google – this will save time and help publish the application in stores;
Libraries. You need to master the following libraries: RxJava, Dagger, Android Architecture Components;
Git. You will also need this tool to save data and work with versions.
Soft Skills are the same as for any other vacancies in the IT field – responsibility, trainability, willingness to work in a team, high development culture and work experience.
To increase the chances of employment – create a few simple applications and prepare a portfolio.
To become a mobile developer, you need to master languages, libraries and the development environment – for this you can pay for courses, or start on your own.
Frontend is everything related to the visual part of any project.
Accordingly, the Frontend developer is the one who creates the visual interface.
This is all that can be said about the tasks of a Frontend specialist. He creates visual interfaces for programs, websites and applications, works with the design of sites.
Languages. The main frontend language is Javascript, you need to know it by heart. You will also need skills working with HTML and CSS;
Frameworks. As a rule, employers require knowledge of one of the popular frameworks – React, Angular or Vue.js . Please note that the framework requirements depend on the specific vacancy;
Git. There will be no comfortable work without a version control system, and therefore this is a stable requirement of employers.
In addition to basic personal qualities and experience, employers value the following Soft Skills:
Graphic editors. Frontend specialists often have to prepare layouts and independently develop a website design – and therefore, it is worth learning how to work with editors;
Designer skills. If you know the principles of design and can prepare a pleasant interface without the help of a designer, this will be an advantage for the employer.
It is worth starting to dive into the profession with the study of Javascript, as well as languages for layout – HTML and CSS. Prepare several interfaces, make a portfolio and look for vacancies on aggregators and in chat rooms. It is better to start your journey by working in the studio – this will allow you to develop among colleagues and practice on different tasks.
In conclusion
IT is a promising and multifaceted niche with many vacancies – today we told you which of them will be most relevant in 2023. You have learned how to take a particular position, what different developers do and how much they earn – we hope this will help in the development of the sphere.