Is it summer yet?

Not quite, unfortunately. Winter is still at its peak here where I live and it is not so fun at all. I look forward to summer. Summer has my favorite weather because it is what I grew up with. Summer does seem to be just within reach because of those summer sales promotions I’ve started seeing. There are always a lot of sales for summer items, summer wear, even sales for summer trips to all sorts of destinations, not to mention fun items like kiddie pools, floaters, and swimming gear. One just can’t get enough of the many discounts and specials when buying items at the mall, summer related boutiques and even some grocery items like chips and cola that are popular inclusions you can bring to the beach or a picnic. Oh and I’ve noticed furniture for some backyard summer fun, barbecue grills, couches, and even satellite deals with dish tv promotions and other entertainment specials.

Among the many preparations for summer I bet people are also preparing their bodies for the summer outfits that they shall bring with them, so that is why there are many spa and health clubs that offer summer related promos. What could be more exciting and practical than that? I found coupons for certain brands of drinks, juices, water and even power drinks as they are aiming for greater sales advantages for the summer. Well, anything can be marketed with a summer spin, so I am sure there shall be many more creative ideas to boost marketing for certain products, and consumers will like all the discounts that come with them.

For now though, I am dealing with the freezing temperatures of winter. I surely hope summer will be here pretty soon!