Sunsets and Vacation Aftereffect

As much as I am so thankful for the one-week-break that I have gotten, the Lord is also very good for blessing us with beautiful sunsets for the most part of our travels. For traversing over 2,000 miles in just 7 days, yes, it was a fact that most of our afternoons were spent being on the road. When dusk comes, the husband and I always made sure that we are nearing a place where there are lodging exits so that we can stop by for the night and rest at a good accommodation. We did that in four nights of our break and there was only a single dusk where the sun was not too friendly.

Tonight, it was, and I have caught one of the glimpses that my shutter has captured:

My mobile didn’t do justice to the beautiful scene up there though!

We are already nearing Central Wisconsin when the western sky turned out really gorgeous and I didn’t dare miss the chance of capturing its full beauty.

Meanwhile, vacation aftereffect is still haunting me. The bags I have in the kitchen which were kitchen stuff and basic food necessities that I took with us are still left untouched. I already warned the husband not to question me about those stuff as I still am not in the mood to do it and he just told me there’s no pressure at all. Thanks my love! Lol.

The most stumbling block I see though is the pile of laundry that I have. These are just what we have soiled in the past 7 days of being away and no, I haven’t tackled them just yet. I look at our closet and I still can see spare outfits that all four of us can use so I thought, “Nope! There’s no pressure at all!” Lol.

Labandera mode is not ON yet!

This is but a very common feeling: vacation aftereffect. Though it’s undeniably awesome to have been away from home even for such a short period of time, I actually don’t dwell on the quantity but on the quality of the time we have spent together. So, vacation aftereffect? You are just temporal and I have a feeling that all will be well in the coming days!