When we got our new Grand Caravan, we also had our new telephone connected. After two years of using a Family Plan with our wireless provider, we decided to cut one of it off and just continue with one cell phone and have a land line connected. That would enable me and the husband to still be able to get in touch even when one of us is away from home. So two “new” stuff came into our lives at the same time: the phone and the van. And then, the daughter exclaimed, “Wow! We got a new car that’s big enough for our friends to ride with us and a new phone. I think one more thing is needed: a new house!”

“Good thinking, Triz!” She sure knows that we are living in an apartment unit and it’s been tough paying for an expensive monthly rental and yet, it won’t be ours in the long run. Thus, the husband and I have thought of really getting our own house someday. We have been reading and studying articles about loan facts you need to know so that we can have knowledge on the important things about home mortgage. VA loans healped my sister-in-law when she got her own house in Las Vegas. That’s because she is a member of the US Military herself so she took advantage of what she can. VAHomeLoans.net has a lot more information about loans and VA benefits. You might want to check the site out and see if you qualify for any if home loan is what you want to apply.

As for us, a home of our own will happen to us someday, if God wills.